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Hello, my name is Aaron Thomas

I like making things, and I enjoy helping others realise their creative project.

I have been involved in the design industry for more than 10 years. I began my career working as a Junior Designer at Lime Interactive, gaining experience working on brochures, flyers, packaging and product photography. From there I moved to an in-house role with Tempo Holidays designing travel brochures, flyers, assisting with email campaigns, and eventually leading the design team.
After a short period of freelancing I joined the team at Promotem where I had the opportunity to improve my video, web, and email marketing skills. After four years with Promotem, the desire for a flexible work/life balance has led me back to freelance and the creation of Asamoth Studios.
I have created a wide variety of printed material such as flyers, newsprint/magazine ads, exhibition banners, and corporate stationery. I can film and edit video and create motion graphics, shoot product photography, build web content, and manage email marketing campaigns. I have a wealth of experience in working within brand guidelines with a specialty in brochure production, even enjoying the fine detail of developing style guides.
View my portfolio for examples of my work or get in touch to talk about your next design project.